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myo-osteo therapy: Clinical massage

closed due to covid-19

  • 14 years of clinical experience as a regulated medical massage provider in the province of B.C. 

  • 4 additional years of experience in the therapeutic spa environment.

  • 5,000 hours of formal training in holistic health sciences.

  • specializing in being of service to community Responders.

Structural Massage

for Muscle Health (myo) and Optimal Skeletal alignment (osteo)

Individual Sessions:

60 minute Initial Consultation & Treatment $60

50 minute Follow-Up $50

40 minute Tune-Up    $40

Structural Wellness Plans:


for one person

3 visits used within one month to address one issue: $140

Wellness Plans for Volunteer Responders 

ie. fire, search & rescue, dog-handlers etc.

Solo sessions combining structural and restorative as needed:

45 minute treatment $45

Responder Family Plan (only one volunteer per household required)

6 visits among two people in the same household, used within 3 months: $240 with installment options

Restorative Bodywork 

for Stress Recovery (non-talk therapy)

Individual Sessions:

45 minute treatment $45

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