Holisticology observes how our global home, local community, personal residence & workspace 

and the body we inhabit... are inseparable.  We actively respect these inter-relations during design.

Holistic design is sensitive to the biological and aesthetic environment in which we intend to make our space in.  We and our belongings are not islands.

Holistic design applies to architecture, engineering, site planning, landscaping, interior design as well as fashion and personal  lifestyle.  These are all created spaces, all part of your healthy living environment.


e-PORTFOLIOs, explained.

why the new innovators are crushing the "old resume" with electronic portfolios: link

we-PORTFOLIOs, defined.

These next-level, electronic portfolios take "My" expression of past learning outcomes and put forward a Vision for "We" environments.  We-Portfolios clarify intentions of specific, positive impacts on others.

We-Portfolios apply for deeper connections with potential collaborators.  By stating Impact Intention, more transparent goals may become better matched. When "Why" is shared, "How" can become the springboard for discussion.

For example, a quality an individual intends to strengthen is expressed in order to either attract a collaborator who enjoys that area, or to attract a situation that has space for that challenge.  This can create connection between like minds or complimentary minds.