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Optimal body function may be strongly connected with your structural health.  

Here are some concepts and concrete actionanables for wellness.

"O Canadians, why flee Winter? It’s time to embrace your frozen nation's Staycation.  Bank up your wellness reserves with cold therapy… an abundant part of Canada’s free health care!"

December 22, 2017

"If either or both adductors are too tight, this can mess up early optimal sequencing. And then upper body becomes compromised in the later portion of your golf swing."

"We've all hit the wall sometime, crumbling part way through an epic run or ride.  There were Hanger issues.  It wasn't pretty.  Your brain. just. bonked. Why does this melt-down happen during physical endurance challenges?"

September 22, 2017

"The brain is not just mechanical consumer of fuel. It's an electrical powerhouse  consuming intangibles."

"Stretching the protractor muscles on the front of the shoulders, is more effective -  even more so -  than strengthening work on the muscles that are back

Chronic lower back stiffness: that supposed part of aging that becomes annoyingly obvious when standing up after sitting for awhile... 

The ideal stretching routine nags you.  Or maybe you have been yoga-ing for awhile, but the pain is still there, part of lif...

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